Phone: +91 8807284455

Address: 26/11 Nethaji Street EB Colony Madurai Tamil Nadu - 625014


To the take the dealership for we need ID Proof , Address Proof , one Passport size and Min stock of Rs.10,000 Photo you have to scan and send it to

Dealer will get the flat margin from

Dealer has to market the product of all in one multi recharge of in the recharge outlet and has to supply stock to the retailers

Yes dealer has to do business of Rs.10,000 per month Min alone with min of 2- 4 Registration of new retailer ever month . If they fail to do this them dealer will be termination will be there

No dealer can’t do any recharge with there account but they can create new retailer and do recharge for the customer

Refund take Max of 24 Hr Min of 10 Min

1. Ever will be provided with advertisement on there local area
2. Support will be given by the company for promoting the product
3. Dealer can create unlimited retailer under Him
4. Dealer can give his own margin to the retailer

Dealer can’t take stock less then Rs.10,000

Dealer can take stock only through fund transfer from his bank account

Dealer can transfer Min Rs.1000 to his retailer account

Retailer can do recharge through SMS to our server number and through our web site . Very short we are coming with our Android App give customer support through Email , Gtalk Chat and also through Phone